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Ingredients (for 20 cakes) : 

- 100 g hazelnut powder
- 200 g melted butter
- 160 g sugar
- 100g flour (50g rice, 25g buckwheat, 25g chestnut)
- 6 egg whites 

Preparing the recipe :

Mix the flour with the sugar and hazelnut powder.
Whip the egg whites until they foam slightly (Caution: do not beat the whites to a stiff peaks).
Stir in the flour, sugar and hazelnut powder mixture while continuing to whisk.
Once the dough is homogeneous, add the melted butter.
Butter your money molds and pour the dough into them.

Bake for 15 to 20 min depending on your oven (they should be lightly browned).

This recipe is just delicious, it's the result of a lot of testing !!!! Indeed, for gluten-free to be successful, it often requires a lot of alchemical experimentation!

During the teacher training, all the food is Organic, Veg and GLUTEN FREE!!!

Enjoy your meal!


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