Yoga School Bretagne
Yoga School Bretagne


Vidya Tirtham Vedic Centre

In the heart of green and bucolic Brittany, the estate is located at the edge of the woods.

You will find a sanctuary of peace, meditation and self-discovery through the practices and teachings of Sama Yoga, Vedanta, in the Arsha Vidya lineage.

SUMMER 2021 & OCTOBER 2021

Yoga teacher training

Divandha Training

10 June - 24 July 2021







"I can only express again and again my infinite gratitude, bowing in the deepest reverence, sharing the love and blessings I have received from my Yoga & Vedanta mentors, my revered teachers Swami Vagishananda and Dayananda, to share with you, in turn, the sacred journey of life to Happiness WITHOUT CONDITIONS: Ananda. » 

Audrey anandi

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Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - François Quellec, Business Consultant

François Quellec

There is a saying that the door to change opens from the inside. Each time I met Audrey, I came out of it either more serene or with new keys to progress on the knowledge of my potential. Thank you for this kindness; Thank you for the demand.

Sagara Vidya Opinion - Yoga School Bretagne - Geneviève, Doctor in charge of the Centre


Audrey brings to her classes a caring sweetness and a quality of presence to the other so inspiring. The work of the positions associated with breathing leads to profound benefits in the body. The courses lead me to an openness to myself and to others, make me feel joy, serenity and their beneficial effect extends throughout the week.

Opinions on Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Brittany - Karine M, Yoga Teacher

Karine M

Audrey is a wonderful spiritual guide. She inspires me a lot and I thank the Universe because it has blossomed my way! It now has a sweet scent of jasmine and sweetness... Yoga goes far beyond the supervision of classes, it is daily, present from the morning and at every moment of my life, in my encounters, whatever the circumstances.

Opinions on Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - Iréna


I left over 40 years of anti-inflammatories behind! In a few months of yoga with Audrey, I am a new person! Since my ice skating accident at the age of 5, my back pain was terrible, I was taking powerful anti-inflammatories almost every day, plus a box of doliprane a week, my stomach was in a catastrophic state! Today, thanks to Yoga with Audrey, after one year, all my back pain has disappeared. It's a rebirth.


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