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In the heart of green and bucolic Brittany, the estate is located at the edge of the woods.

You will find a sanctuary of peace, meditation and self-discovery through the practices and teachings of Sama Yoga, Vedanta, in the Arsha Vidya lineage.


Summer 2021 & Autumn 2021


Departure on 10 June 2021







"I can only express again and again my infinite gratitude, bowing in deepest reverence, sharing the love and blessings I have received from my Yoga & Vedanta mentors, my revered teachers Swami Vagishananda and Dayananda, to share in turn with you, life's sacred journey to UNconditioned Happiness: Ananda . »

- Audrey - Anandi

Our retreats and

Dive into the heart of the teachings in a place that is conducive to immersion and meet your practice thanks to high quality teachers.


What is the essence of the Yoga School?

Yoga School Bretagne, rooted in the Vedic tradition for 22 years, is a school based on Caring, the discovery of the Heart of Compassion and the Joy of being together in a healthy and joyful community: The Sangah.

Audrey and Ivan will accompany you throughout your process in your search for physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual blossoming.

The school vibrates in the values of Dharma and Equanimity: SAMA. 

What is vedanta?

Vedanta is the final part of the Vedas, treatises of knowledge and sacred texts of ancient India.

Vedanta is offered in a more philosophical, spiritual, enlightenment light.

Our Arsha Vidya Lineage, through Vedanta, reveals that the nature of the Self is free from all limitations, so that one can be truly happy without condition, Ananda... and free: Moksha! 

Why immersion?

The advantages are numerous. Firstly, it allows you to spend entire days immersed in a space of caring, study and knowledge without distraction of any kind, away from old habits. At the Vidya Tirtham Vedic Centre, we welcome you to a sanctuary of peace, meditation and self-discovery, applied. You are "immersed" in the heart of Brittany between lakes and forests with the presence of animals: horses, hares, deer that make this centre a sanctuary of peace and a natural therapeutic path. 

... And because repetition is the mother of knowledge!

Audrey Fiorini, yoga in Brittany

Anandi - Audrey Fiorini

Audrey Fiorini is the Creator and Founder of La Yoga School Bretagne and the Sagara Vidya Centre. Today it offers you the tools of Knowledge, Jnanam, well-being and Realisation through Vedanta & Sama - Dhipa Yoga (Sama: the centre; Dhipa: the first light in Sanskrit).

At the age of 20, (two months after obtaining her State Certificate as a Sports Educator), Audrey Fiorini decided to live her childhood dream: to go to India, to the land where Rudyard Kipling gave birth to her first mentor: Moogli! Under the benevolent yet worried eye of her parents, she flew to India and arrived on her birthday.

Indra - Ivan Houssay

Ivan Houssay is co-founder of the Yoga School Bretagne. He is one of those men who have made the choice to balance their Life of Matter and their Life of Spirit. A committed yogi on the path of Unity and practice for more than 15 years, he is a precious Devata who will inspire both men and women. His career as a consultant in Ecology and Permaculture has been serving local and international ecological balances for 20 years, notably through the implementation of the SAGE Scorff (water development and management plan) within the Scorff basin and the development of Ecolieux in France and Indonesia.


Ivan Houssay co-founder of Yoga School Bretagne

Our yogic practices

Sama Yoga

It is a bodily, fluid and energetic Yoga, inspired by the authentic teachings of the Vedic traditions. Asana (posture) is at the service of Equanimity: SAMA.

The art of living (Vedanta) is transmitted during the practice. Pranayamas (breathing exercises) are at the centre of every session, a condition for the proper physiological functioning of organs and tissues.

It gives you access to your good health for Life, a condition for supporting your promise of Awakening.


Vedanta says,

"You are the whole, you are full and complete as you are.

You are already everything you want to be.

You are the Gold, in and through all the ornaments.

You are programmed for freedom now: Moksha. This is what every being ultimately seeks in life, freedom from pain and suffering, Liberation.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

It is a profound and precise practice, a practical application of the "Science of Energy", the basis of Tantra, which aims at the awakening of Energy/Consciousness or Kundalini, potentially present in man.

Deep postural practices on the floor in the pelvic openings, a great mastery of balance in the standing postures, and a meticulous awareness of the carefully peeled breath, are the essence of precision shared with you byyour teacher Indra.

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There is a saying that the door to change opens from the inside. Each time I met Audrey, I came out of it either more serene or with new keys to progress on the knowledge of my potential. Thank you for this kindness; Thank you for the demand.

Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - François Q

François Q

There is a saying that the door to change opens from the inside. Each time I met Audrey, I came out of it either more serene or with new keys to progress on the knowledge of my potential. Thank you for this kindness; Thank you for the demand.

Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - François Q

François Q

Audrey brings to her classes a caring sweetness and a quality of presence to the other so inspiring. The work of the positions associated with breathing leads to profound benefits in the body. The courses lead me to an openness to myself and to others, make me feel joy, serenity and their beneficial effect extends throughout the week.

Sagara Vidya Opinion - Yoga School Bretagne - Geneviève, Doctor in charge of the Centre


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