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Divandha Training

Healing Tools and Vision Opening

The Divandha Formation begins on JUNE 10, 2021.
There are still some places left: Applications now for 2021-2022!!


It is intended for all, health professionals and non-professionals, on Application.

 The foundation and essence of formation are born of Vedanta, the Vedic teachings.

It compiles the knowledge of the Vedas, the oldest treatises on the knowledge of the Indian Self, the Shamanic vision openings and dialogues of the Himalayas and the Amerindian Pilamalayas, the tools for personal and spiritual development.

Divandha = Divine Incarnate and manifested in the human plane

Objectives of the project

  • Understand our programs and emotional functioning in order to maintain or restore overall health.
  • Compile practical healing tools for body and soul (physical symptoms, thoughts, emotions)
  • To open the heart of Compassion and Vision, necessary for an evolving and expanding Life, of Conscious Contribution.
  • Understand and Create a space for virtuous exchanges between our Personality (Ankara: the Ego), our Deep Being, and the Other.

In our human world of relationship, Divandha training will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Find your place
  • Understand the meaning of what drives you (script)
  • Living Dayam, Kindness
  • Spiritualize your Human Life
  • Live your contributor
  • Realizing the Being - Atman

It will give you at the end of the 10 modules, a Divandha Practitioner Certification.

On the way, jewels, resistance, tears and laughter: in short Jnanam (the knowledge of Self)!!! ... the courage, the strength... then the grace to reach the space of Peace and Joy... inherent


Maximum 12 Participants!!!


Module 1 - Introduction: Inventory and Opening of the Canal

  • First link to the Being
  • Discovery of the meditation space; the "Script": Prarabdha
  • Elements of influence in your daily life (+ and -)
  • The Siddhis or "powers" available

We are here to activate the wonderful world and the guidance system.

Module 2 - The Perfect 5 and the Power of Formulation

  • Understanding of emotional modes, projection/reflection principles
  • What is the taking of the 5 senses? Pancha Indriyas
  • Mental and postures of objectivity / subjectivity = Mithya
  • Tool of the 5 perfect ones

We are here to understand our perception/emission tools

Module 3 - Mineral Dialogue

  • Opening to dialogue in the mineral kingdom
  • What is the memory it contains (transgenerational)
  • The rituals
  • Sharing dialogues: Vagisham
  • Incorporation of the intelligence of the mineral: my evolution/stagnation scheme

We are here to understand the principle of resistance, to play with it!

Module 4 - The different areas of my Life

  • My Construction Tree: 7 branches of the tree: 7 domains
  • Feed each branch
  • Harvesting fruit: Drishta Phalam / Adrishta Phalam

We are here to feed and be fed

Module 5 - Three intelligences, 5 Vedic Sacred Duties: Pancha Maha Yajna

  • The 3 Brains
  • Zones of influence in my life: ZI and ZNI
  • 5 Sacred Duties & Subconscious Breathing

We are here to constantly activate my intelligence and put it at the service of harmony

Module 6 - Opening up to the Vital Principle: The Contribution/Bhakta

  • Dying to my Ankara personality, to live what is most divine within me
  • Understanding our little deaths and being reborn ( the apple tree)
  • Meditation to death: Niryana
  • My contribution in this incarnation: Bhakta
  • All the faces of Ishwara, beyond the visible

We are here to be reborn every day by getting up from bed and contributing!

Module 7 - Vegetal Dialogue / Nature Deva

  • Sangye Menla tool: the healer/herbalist
  • The plant serves man.
  • Vegetal = the silence of focused Vedic consciousness: Bhoota Yajna
  • Clear audience

We are here to activate our own Healing Principle

Module 8 - Practical detection tools

  • Antennas, Rhodes
  • Pulse
  • Clock

We are here to "see clearly": Vivekam

Module 9 - Many Plans of Being, "Who Am I?

Devi/Deva; Keshi/Kesha

  • 3 Levels of dialogue: Mananas, Kayena, Vaca
  • 2 plan to be: Ankara Personality / Divinity Paramatman
  • What is the ego that everyone talks about: meditation
  • Devi/Deva; Keshi/Kesha
  • Prati/Pachta, use of inverses

We are here to be. I am a Human Being

Module 10 - Man's Posture: Healer for myself and for the other

  • Hominal Reign: Shamanic & Vedic Vision
  • Format of a session 
  • Principles of Mutual Honour: Paras Param

I am here to be in my place in my virtuous contribution: Maha Bhakta Bhavanam



Audrey Fiorini: I share with you, 20 years of studies of the different "medicines of the soul and the body, compiled during my travels, through Naturopathy, Psychonomy, Himalayan and Amerindian Shamanic initiations, Akashic readings and Shamanic Vision. We offer ourselves the freedom to sail together in the program according to what is dictated by Ishwara or the Inspiring Masters during the training.

Dates 2021-2022


  • Module 1: 10 June 2021
  • Module 2: July 1, 2021
  • Module 3: 9 September 2021
  • Module 4: October 7, 2021
  • Module 5: November 4, 2021

    The following 2021/22 dates will be sent to you in June 2021


There are 10 modules in the morning, from 9am to 12pm (Paris time), one Thursday morning per month, for 10 months.
As with the first promotions, it is possible to follow the training by Skype/Zoom live if you live abroad or too far away to travel in Brittany.


Commitments Registration

The commitment is made for the entire training.
Early birds registration fee (before March 10th):

  • 148 euros per session, i.e. 1480 €.

for 10 modules over 1 year,

  • Registration after March 10: 1600€ (payment before MAY 7, 2021)

Payment by cheque or bank transfer finalized before the beginning of the training course with the possibility of payment in 3 installments (contact us).

  • A minimum of 1 Care before the beginning of the training + 1 Care during the training are required. The treatment can be in person or by Zoom (Skype): 90€ / Care (not included in the price of the training)


With all my reverence to my Teachers and Masters, Asharia, who have transmitted to me this priceless knowledge and Jewels, which I have the honour to offer in my turn.
Om in Swamiji and Puja Swami

I am at your disposal for any further information.
Divandha: to make the invisible visible

Hari Om Tat Sat Sat

May we all grow and learn always! Train, retrain, get to know each other, acquire healing tools and good health practices! The training is certifying.

Divandha Testimonials

I got a strong call without really knowing why and without knowing Yoga School Bretagne before! I felt it spoke to me in my heart! What I thought I was looking for is to find the Vedic teaching again and to continue to learn and transmit, to be on my way! I retain a benevolent accompaniment in the softness and depth. I retain the power of the mirrors all together. Concrete tools to move forward, to connect, to heal, to remember, to be. What has changed is more confidence, more tools, more love, more understanding to be closer to oneself! thank you. My most beautiful memory that touched me a lot is at the very beginning of being all together. One of the first main postulate is posed (with my understanding): "Instead of being in rivalry (conscious or unconscious), honor and admire the qualities of others because it is honor and admiration for yourself!" I recommend the training 100%.

Opinions on Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Brittany - Bénédicte . Z

Benedict. Z

At first I wanted to enroll in the Divandha training to learn how to be in harmony with myself and everything around me, and to learn how to heal myself, to one day heal others (from within). And I was not disappointed !!! Thanks to this training I learned to open up to myself, to assimilate jewels of wisdom and compassion and to make my daily life sacred. I come out of this training growing and grateful. I learned a lot. And this teaching is a wonderful gift that I have had the pleasure of giving myself. In addition to wishing to become a healer, I know that this training will help me a lot in my future practice. I have learned to heal myself internally, and I will continue to practice the knowledge I have acquired to live a healthy and harmonious life with respect for others and my divinity. Thank you! If I had to do it all over again, I would do it again without hesitation.

Opinions on Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Brittany - Marine


This training allows an incredible open-mindedness. It has opened the doors of notions as yet unknown to me. I can say that it has made me grow spiritually, as well as my close family. I have seen a real change in our life habits. I now have healing tools that I use in my personal and professional life.

Opinions on Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Brittany - Déborah - Kinesitherapist

Déborah - Kinesitherapist

I enrolled in the training because it gave me the opportunity to consciously meet my inner self by being guided and learning to use practical and easy-to-use self-knowledge tools in my daily life. These tools are very often used when I am in a situation where the emotional is expressed. The tools allow me to find the right distance and find a better position for me. We also made trips to meet mineral, vegetable and animal worlds, contacts that were sometimes surprising, questioning, but always benevolent. The exchanges with the group also allowed us to get to know each other, helped us to progress personally My most beautiful personal memory: the state of deep well-being felt when aligning with Devi, my deep being observing my Keshi "self" in alignment. Yes, this training is to be recommended for those in search of their deep inner being.

Opinion Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - Geneviève P. Doctor, Physician

Geneviève P. - Doctor

Audrey's teaching has allowed us to perceive that each encounter or event in our lives is only a symbolic manifestation of ourselves, at all, for our awakening. With my senses awake, I put more meaning, more consciousness. What Audrey's teaching offers us is a real toolbox to use on a daily basis: To refine the reading, the understanding of the life that flows through us, to discern illusion / deep nature of our being, and also to distil the sacred in all our actions, to reposition ourselves benevolently at the center of our own lives, to be sacred for ourselves. It is also an encounter with worlds, whose access until then was ignored: To meet an inner peace, an immense and sparkling joy, thanks to the possible link, hitherto unsuspected and yet so desired with the different Kingdoms: Mineral, Plant, Animal... Luminous experiences, which reveal our reunion, our history, our common origins, which open us to other less familiar dimensions of the world, to other realities, to another reflection at all, to a knowledge of ourselves. "Once upon a time..." There are so many languages, dialogues, perceptions to discover in the subtle relationships we weave with the whole. Audrey brings us a precious, practical, poetic and luminous knowledge that accompanies us in life, and gives us the ability to evolve and grow. Each Divandha session is like a firefly, which together form a garland that accompanies, enlightens, and guides our path of being, of life.

Opinion Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - Françoise Le F. and Bruno Le D. Architect - Urban planner

Françoise Le F. and Bruno Le D. - Architect - Urban planner

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