Yoga School Bretagne


A little history

Our values, our sincere commitment to respect and union, to live and welcome you in a privileged and consecrated place, brought us to Coat Cren. This Oasis is a jewel box of energetic autonomy, fruit of the Permacole and Vedic reflection.


The word Permaculture was originally coined by Bill Mollison and David Holgrem in the 1970s to describe an evolutionary and integrated system of perennial, self-perpetuating plants and animal species useful to humans.

A more current definition of permaculture that reflects its broader scope is:

A methodology for the conscious design of landscapes that mimic the patterns and relationships observed in nature, aiming to achieve abundant food production, balances between habitats, people and all forms of life.

" Here is majestically expressed an environment that illustrates and condenses what we have spent 10 years researching and maturing. This jewel box of preserved nature is the ground of expression of a connection and an unwavering reverence to Mother Earth." Indra

We offer you through the knowledge and passion of Ivan Houssay, a model of Earth/Man symbiosis, the heart of a permaculture vision of permanence and sustainability.

Permaculture Ethics:

Ethics has generally been treated according to three main axioms or principles:

Taking care of the earth (soils, forests and water)

Taking care of people (oneself, one's loved ones and the community)

Share equitably (limit consumption and reproduction, redistribute surplus)

The 5 elements in balance at the Center

"Pancha Bhoota


"Gaṅge ca yamune caiva / godāvari sarasvati
narmade sindhu kāveri / jale'smin sannidhiṃ kuru"

Born from a long journey in the heart of the forest, the Source reveals itself at the edge of the wood.

The Vedic center is entirely spring fed, we are not connected to the public water system. You will bathe in a pool of spring water and its keeper will bless you.


Like our inner waters to remind us that we are over 70% water as adults.

Remembering its inestimable value, remembering to connect to the waters of the world.

Whether fresh (3%) or salt water on the planet, the water cycle connects us all. Would it also be the one that unites us through the cosmos. Even present in the intersidereal space !!! Masaru EMOTO, water would be the support of the information through the cosmos.


At the Vedic center of Coat Cren, we have the invaluable chance to connect with water, that of the Source at the edge of the wood, is offered to us like a gift of the sky and the Earth. It is preserved thanks to the surrounding agricultural practices in organic farming for over 5 years.


From the spring, to the wet meadow glistening under the sun, to the ponds and small lakes, the wave flows, creeps, runs, sings and whispers its soft crystalline melody. It is the free expression ground of a rich and varied plant and animal life.

The diversity of bioindicator species encountered (salamander, newt, ...) undoubtedly testifies to the quality of this preserved environment.


"Agnaye svāha, Agnaye Idaṃ Na Mama"

It warms us up.

It is the fire of Life, of digestion, of cremations.

It is brought to us by the surrounding forest.

The entire estate is heated with wood. A heating network distributes the heat generated by the boiler to the different spaces. The wood chips from the 200 hectars of sustainable forest that surrounds us are used for this purpose.

The majestic fireplaces offer the contact with the open fire, the flame, the crackling and accentuate the sweetness of the days by the fire or the animated evenings.


The sun comes to support and thanks to the thermal solar panels bring the precious calories that heat the water of the pool and your showers.


"Agnaye svāha, Agnaye Idaṃ Na Mama"


"Pṛthvī tvayā dhrtā lokāḥ / devi tvaṃ viṣṇunā dhṛtā
tvaṃ ca dhāraya māṃ devi / pavitraṃ kuru cāsanam"

The 7 hilly hectares of the domain are divided between meadows, woods, wetlands, pond and gardens.

They will know how to offer you spaces for wandering and meditation in a generous Nature, preserved to the support during your stay. Your senses will be nourished by these spaces. The eye will be able to lose itself in the horizon or to marvel at the perfection of a flower, a moss, a majestic tree.

The gardens

They offer a variety for the pleasure of strolling, meditating, putting your hands in the earth. Rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, fruit trees in the orchard and on the embankments. 

The vegetable garden gradually takes its place and adds to the Center the delicacies that will brighten our meals.

To connect us even more deeply to the rhythms and magic of the cycles of life, to the sacred symbioses.

They offer the nourishment, in addition to the teachings and practices provided that make us feel full, complete and connected.

The vegetables come from organic seeds and plants.

They decorate salads and cooked dishes that delight our taste buds.

You can sponsor a fruit tree at the Tirtham Vidya Vedic Center in Coat Cren if you wish. It will be planted this fall in the orchard and vegetable garden.

The forest

It is home to a great diversity of trees, some of which are several hundred years old.

We take some subjects already fallen to provide us with wood. We support natural regeneration to repopulate and densify certain spaces and the gap left by the removal of the EDF line.

The pastures

Of a flamboyant green, they offer an open landscape for the eye that runs in the distance to the edge of the forest. They generously welcome and feed the mares Ushuaïa and Chiara.

Their power, their grace, their softness, their dexterity and precision will remind you of the extreme finesse of the links between man and animal in their most subtle aspects.

 His companion through the millennia.


"Āgamārthaṃ tu devānāṃ / gamanārthaṃ tu rakṣasām
kurve ghaṇṭāravaṃ tatra / devatāhvānalāñchanam"

To the sound of the bells during the Puja, from the bell tower of St Tugdual in the distance to the song of the birds.

The coastal storms calm down and fade away to caress and animate the landscape.

Stirring the trees, creating gaps, bringing other sounds, scents and fragrances.


Here the air is pure, the breath is released in depth.


"Āgamārthaṃ tu devānāṃ / gamanārthaṃ tu rakṣasām
kurve ghaṇṭāravaṃ tatra / devatāhvānalāñchanam"