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Yoga and Vedanta Retreat in Bali

Study Retreat in Bali: Yoga and Vedanta
Next dates 2022 to come!

"If you want something in your life that you've never had, you'll have to do something that you've never done."

SPRING 2022: 100 Certifying hours

Retirement in Bali 2022!

Special Offer: Early birds (before December 31, 2021) !!! 

1850 € for the Teachings and (550€ to 650€ approximately for the accommodation that you organize directly with our Balinese Angel)

Early Bird rate before 31 January 22 :



Tariff from 1 February 22 :



Start of the retreat on Sunday afternoon - Closing circle at noon

New for this year: Meeting with a Balinese Healer and Initiatic Trekking - Jungle Ceremony 

This "Spiritual journey" is offered to the gentle Hearts and sincere Students in their wish for Awakening and Knowledge of Self.

It combines the exploration of Sama Yoga, Meditation, soul and body healing, the Swamiji Satsang, the visit of the Healer, and the Sacred Places in the Jungle.

It is in a context of great beauty and benevolence that this retreat of physical and spiritual transformation is offered to you. The teachers who will be there for you have integrated Yoga as their Art of Living.

Anandi - Audrey, Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, have made the choice to dedicate their lives to study and to a sincere and true teaching that comes from the heart.

100 hour Bali 2022 module!

Spring 2022

Two months before departure, participants will learn the theory of the basics of Vedic teaching (Sama Yoga Life Philosophy) and will have exercises to practice. I will give them by web conferences every 3 weeks the most important aspects of Sama Yoga teaching. They will prepare for the transformations of the journey and develop their essential skills to experience a Total Transformation.

We will join Ubud, the international spiritual capital, and begin our Yogi experience as a group of friends determined to live a Total and Unique Transformation Experience, during 2 weeks of teaching.

Sama Yoga practices will be the heart of the transmission, followed by the Satsang (philosophy of Yogic and Vedic Life) taught by Swami Vagishananada Saraswati, a rare teacher whose life is dedicated to the oral transmissions of the Vedas in their greatest authenticity. They take place in Yoga Shala, under the Banyan tree.

The overcoming during an initiatory trek and the purification during the visit of the Balian, Balinese healer, will allow you this good quantum on the way to your Awakening.

Massages by Balinaies at your request (high energy quality), will be there to accompany the body in its releases during the physical practices of Yoga.

The experience continues! After our return, we will meet in virtual (shared web) every week for 1 month, so that this new transformation will integrate and take root naturally and deeply in your life and your new daily life.

Schedule of your exceptional days

  • 5:30 AM: Morning practices: Meditation, Yoga, Puja at sunrise and jungle rise
  • 3:00 PM: Healing Arts: Helping Yourself: Ayurveda, Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Self-healing Art)
  • 5:00 PM: Satsang: Knowledge of Vedanta (English translated into French)

Initiatory trek in the Jungle and meeting with a traditional Healer

This Exploration is therefore a commitment of more than 3 months, in the group and towards oneself!


The price includes

  •  2 preparatory months, with 4 Skypes of practice, precise exercises, "practical work Meditation and formulation!!!!
  • 2 weeks of teaching with several teachers and masters, personal consultations.
  • 1 month of integration on return by shared web.

Are at your expense: your return flight ticket (Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, BALI), airport transfer, out-of-programme transport, food, massages (it is very easy and inexpensive to eat and travel, ex: 1 meal 3 €).

You will plan the Dakshina: it is the free donation for your teachers, Swamiji and Audrey according to tradition, when the fruit of knowledge is gathered, eaten and integrated.

Because this retreat requires a lot of time and attention from me for each of the participants and because the goal is ambitious, your commitment is precious and necessary.

Different payment methods are possible, they will be sent to you at your request.

"If you feel the call for this incomparable awakening experience,

listen to it now and take action! Take your ticket ".


Opinion Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - Gwendoline L., Ayurveda therapist and yoga teacher in Sanary (France)

By Gwendoline L. - Ayurveda therapist and yoga teacher in Sanary (France)

How incredible to listen to the Satsang and meditations on our return from our deep journey to Bali. It fills me up and wakes me up so much. It reminds me of our Devi & Deva heart connection I think of you every day and I just want to thank you all. Even though my body is still healing, my heart is full, my mind is calm. I really know that this transition period is necessary and I welcome it as it is. My whole week was such a gift, sharing it with my students, my patients back in France... So deep. It's as if something had taken a higher step in me, between all of us. I love you all and wish you all the best.

Opinion Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Bretagne - Annabelle L., Yoga teacher in Adelaide (Australia)

By Annabelle L. - Yoga teacher in Adelaide (Australia)

Every day, while I was listening to Audrey in Bali, I really felt that I was reconnecting to something that had remained suspended, as if interrupted, in a past life, and that life offered me the opportunity to continue it today... It's so beautiful. It's so big. I have an immense Gratitude for this Gift. For recognizing Audrey and finding you. As she says, we have all found ourselves in this incarnation to continue our journey... So Much Love to you all

Review Sagara Vidya - Yoga School Brittany - Louisa Lacroix, Actress

By Louisa Lacroix - Actress

I have fond memories of these very valuable practice sessions. I think it was with Audrey's approach that I first experienced that strength and softness go so well together, in a mixture of effort and pre-classification. These three hours each morning during the study stay in Bali have restored both power and calm to my body and the effects are profound, during and after. Audrey's constant connection between yoga postures and our own postures in our lives, in our relationship to ourselves, others and events has been a wonderful source of understanding.

My retirement in Bali was and will remain an important turning point in my life. During these 2 weeks, I integrated my femininity into all that it has to offer, I made room for kindness, listening to oneself and others, gentleness, compassion...

It's a second birth. My heart has truly opened to benevolent love, for a deep respect for myself.

My masculine side (will, courage and strength) is now at the service of this feminine, and it is a true revelation!

As a yoga teacher, Bali's imprint will remain a great faith in the Universe, in the guidance that now manifests itself in my classes, the concern for service, the concern to offer my students what they need, in the here and now, with tenderness and listening. Yoga goes far beyond the framework of the classes, it is daily, present from the morning and at every moment of my life, in my encounters, whatever the circumstances.

Audrey is a wonderful spiritual guide. It inspires me a lot and I thank the Universe because it has bloomed my way! It now has a sweet scent of jasmine and sweetness....

What were your first impressions when you arrived in Bali?" I felt that the climate would play a very important role in a possible transformation. It was so hot and so different from the environment in which I grew up. I was impressed because it is only an island, but it seems so vast, full of mysteries and secrets. The people who took care of us with all their hearts when we arrived gave the impression that they knew this island by heart! I didn't know how to live in this place, I didn't have my bearings anymore. After a few days, I welcomed the beauty and the fact of returning to abundance, which for me goes back a long way, to childhood memories.

These abundance projections, I found them for real!

The decor, the colors, the flowers, the fruits, the kindness of the people... I was thinking about the abundance in the past but it was real and concrete, I just had to enjoy it.

It took the longest time to come: I had trouble believing that it was possible and accessible.

Has Bali played a role in the transformations you are talking about?

"I felt it physically: how my body reacted to the heat and abundance, it put me back in a place I didn't know. You meet another part of yourself. That's what was the most decisive because what I remember a month later is that I was there, in my body. But the fact that you feel physically different from someone else is proof that it's just a matter of access and that it never disappears because my body is always there, it's always the same. This allows me not to lose my own potential, the one that is expanding.

Can you describe more precisely this bodily sensation that came to Bali?

"If I had to put words into it, it would be: solidity, expansion, comfort, strength, flexibility, a lot of ease, ease, warmth in all that it has to offer, a lot of pleasure... I have wonderful memories of waking up there! When I came out of my nights or naps, I felt a fullness, a real physical pleasure.

What were the moments that brought you the most during the retreat?

"What has been the real driving force in my transformation is routine, rigorous, new and radical. We were not in a compromise. The idea was to do things thoroughly but never in violence and brutality. Having days on a repetitive pattern with different content every day was very good for me. It was the structure that made me feel good. I have a unstructured daily life here in Paris that sometimes twists my brain. The retreat realigned me in a very concrete way. I still see the effects today. There is also the discovery of the Pujas and prayer. It was both the most innovative for me and the biggest step forward. The effect of this spirituality on me was enormous, about as important as my initial resistance. It was completely unknown to me, and it is what will remain the most "Bali" for me. It is not yet something that I have managed to import into my life in such a way. These moments were so strong that I am still taming them and I wonder how to insert them into my life.

Can you describe to me the transformations you experienced on the spot and those that appeared when you returned?

On the spot, I abandoned a kind of armor, an armor of wounded animals, a mechanism of defense, protection, mechanisms of self-avoidance: not to be too present, not to be too visible... In fact many fears have left. I heard two or three sentences that blew up a real shell and I understood why fear created fatigue and was non-constructive. I became aware of the amount of fear I had in me and how it paralyzed me. They are in fact suffering from the past and a fear of what will follow, of the future. It was very slowly released during retirement, especially during a conversation we had about this Mother Consciousness which is everywhere... Today in my profession, this consciousness has replaced fear. It was a sense of danger that left. When I put my finger on it and it faded. I often experienced a kind of physical and psychological relaxation during holidays or trips, but when I returned home it disappeared because the place determined the feeling. But this time, it was very deep. A month later I still feel it and in a very quiet way.

Today I put my finger on the difference between the woman who left and the one who came back: I am no longer a prey, I am powerful, I am in control.

What did your entourage notice about the changes? Did they share their feelings with you? »

"You look better," "it looks like it did you a lot of good." But the impression was always the same: the good it did me. What touched me the most was the fact that those around me told me that I had found a presence, a thickness, a weight, in the good sense of the word. I was incarnated again, I was there. I had taken fabric, density. It is tangible and palpable. There is also a need for stimulation that has resumed: a thirst for learning, a curiosity, a thirst to buy books, to participate in workshops... My family has seen a resurgence! ».

Who do you think this yoga retreat is for?

"Everyone can do it, but not everyone may be at a time in their life when the impact of this retreat can be greatest. There is this feeling of being caught up when it's time: you're thirsty for it. Something special happens in the pleasure of bathing, creaming, massaging. I would advise to leave when we are at this stage in the sensation.

There is a real call: it is the best criterion to know if the trip will be beneficial in all its dimensions.

But even if you don't want to change, things happen, you always learn no matter what happens...".

Can you clarify the meaning of the word "call"? A call to grow? A call to change your life?

"It's in terms of locking, something that will blow the ceiling. No matter how much I typed, nothing was happening. I had the feeling I was blocked. There was something stuck. I didn't know where I was going, Audrey made me leave. I said to myself, "Now you have to unlock yourself, you have to try something other than your known, a different approach, other ways to move forward". I felt that something radical had to be done. So my decision to leave was. Yes, it's a call to grow. It occurs when we feel our potential but do not have access to it. The best version of me wasn't there. So I said to myself, "Become the person you want to be.

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