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audrey fiorini

Anandi - Audrey Fiorini

Audrey Fiorini is the Founder and Creator of La Yoga School Bretagne and the Sagara Vidya Centre. She offers you today the tools of Knowledge, Jnanam, well-being and Realisation through Vedanta & Sama - Dhipa Yoga (Sama: the centre; Dhipa: the first light in Sanskrit).

At the age of 20 (two months after obtaining her State Certificate of Sports Educator), Audrey Fiorini decided to live her childhood dream: to go to India, to the land where Rudyard Kipling gave birth to his first mentor: Moogli! Under the benevolent yet worried eye of her parents, she flies to India and arrives on her birthday.

ivan indra

Indra - Ivan Houssay

Ivan Houssay is co-founder of the Yoga School Bretagne. He is one of those men who have made the choice tobalance their Life of Matter and their Life of Spirit. Yogi committed on the voice of the Unity and the practice since more than 15 years, he is this invaluable Devata who will know how to inspire the Man as the Woman. His career as a consultant in Ecology and Permaculture has served local and international ecological balances for 20 years, notably through the implementation of the Schéma d'Aménagement et de Gestion des Eaux du Scorff, the development of Eco-lieux in France and Indonesia.

ivan indra

Vincent Savit

Vincent Savit, a native of the Bordeaux region, discovered Yoga 3 years ago on the mats of the Yoga School Brittany, shortly after his arrival in the region. 

From this discovery was born a passion for this discipline and a dazzling progression in this art.

During these 3 years of intensive practice, Vincent has been able to affirm values that are dear to him: perseverance, wisdom and sharing.

Vincent's regular practice has allowed him to go through rather hectic and stressful episodes during his career in the shipbuilding industry with a certain ease.

ivan indra

Linais Dawn

Aurore Linais grew up in the Rennes region and chose at a very young age to set off on an adventure to discover the vast world between Europe and the Americas before becoming a Spanish teacher in Paris.

It is at this time and to relieve the stress that causes endometriosis that she begins to meditate with application and to lead this new inner journey. The joy of reunion, the immense possibilities of healing and reconnection then become ritual.

The Arsha Vidya Lineage in India and Bali

Swami Vagishananda Saraswati


Swami Dayananda Saraswati


Dakshinamurti The teacher of teachers

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