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audrey fiorini

Anandi - Audrey Fiorini

Audrey Fiorini is the Creator and Founder of La Yoga School Bretagne and the Sagara Vidya Centre. Today it offers you the tools of Knowledge, Jnanam, well-being and Realisation through Vedanta & Sama - Dhipa Yoga (Sama: the centre; Dhipa: the first light in Sanskrit).

At the age of 20, (two months after obtaining her State Certificate as a Sports Educator), Audrey Fiorini decided to live her childhood dream: to go to India, to the land where Rudyard Kipling gave birth to her first mentor: Moogli! Under the benevolent yet worried eye of her parents, she flew to India and arrived on her birthday.

ivan indra

Indra - Ivan Houssay

Ivan Houssay is co-founder of the Yoga School Bretagne. He is one of those men who have chosen to balance their Life of Matter and their Life of Spirit. A Yogi committed to the voice of Unity and practice for more than 15 years, he is the precious Devata who will inspire both Man and Woman. His career as a consultant in Ecology and Permaculture has been serving local and international ecological balances for 20 years, notably through the implementation of the SAGE Scorff (water development and management scheme) within the Scorff basin and the development of Ecolieux in France and Indonesia.

The Arsha Vidya Lineage in India and Bali

Swami Vagishananda Saraswati


Swami Dayananda Saraswati


Dakshinamurti: The teacher of teachers

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