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World Yoga Day is an event for World Peace. We are happy to contribute to it by offering this Giant practice for free, online and partially in person!

Sunday morning at 10am by Zoom worldwide!

& For those who wish to do it in person (the first 20) at the Yoga School Bretagne, centre Sagara Vidya Ploemeur.
! We will have the privilege of having
Harmony Hannigan (Spain) ! live during practice, with Audrey Fiorini Anandi (France)
We will end with a flower offering, in homage to the Health of all ecologies! Prepare flowers!


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The Festival

Since 2014 ! the very first year of the World Yoga Day decree by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Yoga School of Brittany and all its students are celebrating this unique Day!
Advised by Swami Dayananda, our Vedic Teacher, the Prime Minister is voting today at the UN and we are celebrating it in Brittany, in Ploemeur, as an honour to Yoga, to Peace in the World, but also to our teacher: "Our revered Teacher SwamiDayananda

After 5 years this day is transformed into a Festival and it is the birth of the SHANTI YOGA FESTIVAL in 2018 carried today by the association Corps Esprit and all the Yogi & Yoginis of the school: two days for Peace, relayed by speakers, speakers and artists committed to the balances in the world: The Dharma


Saturday June 22nd: Le Courégant - PLOEMEUR

11H : Opening of the Shanti Yoga Festival

IDA "High Priestess of Water" - Bali, will give the Opening Ceremony 

12H : Super Food Bar & food truck veg

! All day Saturday!

 BAR : Fresh Juices - Smoothies - Gluten Free Pastries - Shanti Herbal Teas (organic and new for the Festival) 

Raw Cocoa Balls - Honey & Coconut - 

*Our pastries are Gluten FREE! Super Healthy, super Gourmet! 

FOOD TRUCK: Veg and Conscious Cooking!

2pm to 6pm: Workshop Program

2 Spaces: The Beach and the Sagara Centre

Yoga workshops for all 

18H : The exceptional evening Booking on site


19H00: Vegetarian Meal of Sri Lanka

It is Sri Lanka that invites itself into our plate with a discovery of 5 dishes from India and Sri Lanka

Delight n°1 Basmati Rice with real saffron

Delight n°2 Dhal of coral lenses turmeric and fresh coriander in root

Delight n°3 Indian-style potatoes with mustard seeds and curry leaves

Delight n°4 Grilled eggplant with tamarind, curry leaves and spice curry (it will be the only slightly spiced dish)

Delight n°5 Raw spinach with its fresh grated coconut flesh, lemon and lime leaf

Shanti our Sri Lankan cook (for the Shanti Yoga Festival) introduces us to her culture through her cuisine. She sends a large part of the funds raised for the education of children directly to India and Sri Lanka, we are happy to support and each meal booked contributes to this!

20H30 : The RESERVATION ON PLACE concert

Rishab Prasanna (flute) & Mosin Kawa (tabla)

Concert of traditional Indian music: Bansuri flute and Tabla with 2 internationally renowned musicians.

Sunday 23 June: Port of Lomener Beach - PLOEMEUR




Bring your carpets, towels and cushions!!!!!!

Closing Ceremony with Transformational Meditation Guided by IDA

High dignitary, ordered by the Hindu Dharma, Ceremony in Water.

Bring your Veg delicacies to share!

Who are we?

The Association Corps Esprit has been organizing the World Yoga Day for 4 years.

Support, promote:

  • Cultural actions
  • Educational, social
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Environmental in all areas of well-being
  • Health and education of Vedanta

She collects school supplies and games for toddlers and takes them to India and Indonesia for children affected by earthquakes and other natural disasters. She organizes the Shanti Yoga Festival in June.

The seva (volunteers)

  • Audrey, the president of the association
  • Ivan the Governor
  • Vincent the coordinator
  • Celia, Laura, Helen the administrative fairies
  • Pauline the communication fairy
  • Veronicka the fairy decorator
  • Mickaela fairy of the restoration
  • Aude children's fairy godmother
  • And 50 volunteers happy to support the festival

Our values!

  • Sincerity Energy positive
 Health and Conviction

  • Generosity and Caring
  • Transmit quality knowledge Act in partnership with the human, economic and social fabric of the municipality
  • Build and inspire the new Synergy model

Our vision

  • To allow everyone to experience a unique moment of total mutual aid, in the pleasure and dedication to the Dharma and all the sacred balances

Our reason for being

  • To offer a reference window in human terms of knowledge of Self and Wisdom

Our missions

  • Caring - Teaching - Accompanying - Spreading Yoga & Vedanta - SERVING
  • Be a GO FOR IT
  • Feeling UNITED
  • Inspiring each other
  • Asking for help from the one who knows
  • Agree not to know
  • Curve the trend of slander and judgment
  • Praise each other
  • Sacrificing the "I Me Mine"

Our guests and speakers

She will give the Opening Ceremony of the Festival Saturday at 11am at Le Courégant.

She will also honour us with her presence at the closing ceremony with the Great Transformational Meditation of the South on Sunday,. A unique circle of women at Yoga School Bretagne will also take place on Monday at the end of the Day...
It is a unique opportunity to meet Ida Resi Alit, to communicate with the living soul of Bali and to witness the incarnation of living feminine wisdom.

Great MeditationSaturday
, 6pm

It is a privilege to have Stephane at the Shanti Yoga Festival. He will come to us from Scotland to transmit the purest Vedic tradition to us through storytelling meditation.

Puja - Meditation - Vedic songs on Saturday & Giant Yoga on Sunday

Sister and student of Vedanta (original writings of Yoga and the arts of Self Knowledge)

"I can only express again and again my infinite gratitude, bowing in the deepest reverence and sharing the love and blessings I have received from the whole Arsha Vidya lineage, from the teaching of my teachers, my revered teachers Swami Vagishananda and Dayananda, to share with you, in turn, the sacred journey of life towards absolute happiness: Ananda. "Audrey - Anandi

Bansuri Flute - Concert Saturday 8:30 pm

Coming from a large family of musicians, originally from Benares, in northeast India, Rishab perpetuates the ancestral musical tradition from father to son. Rishab has performed with his father, Master Rajendra Prasanna, on the world's greatest stages.


I'm booking my place! 

Tabla - Concert Saturday 8:30 pm

Mosin has been practicing Tabla since he was a child, first with his family and then with great masters.

At the age of 8, he performed his first concert and then went solo in various cities in India.

He arrived in Europe at the age of 15 to make his first tour, accompanied by his older brother Shahid Hussain Kawa.

He participates in jazz/fusion projects with artists such as David Murray, Hocus Pocus and others. He was at the Trianon with André Manoukian a few months ago!


I'm booking my place! 

Description of the workshops

Laughter Yoga Workshop, Saturday

Sébastien Lecca has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been a laughter yoga teacher since 2017. In 2015 he trained in therapeutic hypnosis, then as a mindfulness meditation instructor. He is a plastic artist and social worker by training.

For this spring 2019 he chooses to come from Paris to offer us this moment of Strength of Laughter, its benefits for the Heart, the Hormones and the Soul!

Ivan Houssay & Aude Quellec

Self-massage workshop, Saturday afternoon

"Self massage: Abhyanga!!!!! "Come in shorts and bra! You will massage yourself with Balinese flower oils and leave with this technique that you can use for Life and daily!

Aude is an Osteopath and Physiotherapist, Ivan is a Devata that Balinese healers recognize as a brother! Both of you will be pampered!

Aude Quellec

All in Family! Children, parents and grandparents!

Calm and Games - Concentration and Balance - Relaxation, Pleasure! A time all to our children; listened to and cherished. For all!

Yin Yoga Workshop, Saturday


YIN YOGA is a meditative, gentle and intense yoga at the same time. You will develop your awareness of the body, of the present moment and your ability to welcome what passes through you in the presence of silence.

The yin invites you to a break time, to breathe, to observe what is there, to give the body time to relax, to soften and to recharge.

It is characterized by slow and long postures (3 to 5 minutes) supported by accessories that allow you to stretch, soften, and work on deep tissues.

In the dynamics of the chained postures, fluidity and action for this active and deep yoga! You're gonna sweat a little bit, okay?

In the Flow, the flow of the body, the breath. All welcome!

Family workshop "I make my Mala" Saturday afternoon 

Hélène reveals herself and meets herself through praise and passion to pearls and mantras of intentions. It takes you into the preciousness of Peace that it will share with you when you make your own Mala!

Chakra Dance Workshop, Saturday 

Dance and awaken the body's vital energy by travelling to the vibrations and rhythms of the chakra rainbow, with Méline from Lyon!

The workshop consists of dancing, travelling to the heart of its energy centers (the chakras) and thus raising the consciousness of the whole body, channeled, of its energy capacity and its unlimited vital force.

Catherine Ménard

Gong Bath Workshop

Cathy takes you into her trance to the sound of the Gong and bowls.

A real initiation: Shamanic flight and magical dance, you will be transported and intoxicated. Om Devi OM!

Practical information


  • Train: Lorient station 
  • Plane: Lann Bihoué Airport Ploemeur
  • Bus: Line 33 & 37 - Stop: le Courégant 


  • Train: Lorient station
  • Plane: Lann Bihoué Airport Ploemeur
  • Bus: Line 37 - Stop: Lomener 

Our partners

A Thousand Gratitudes for this moment of Happiness, Sincerity and Pure Grace, in the presence of hundreds of Yogis and Yoginis, of all ages, from all origins and all experiences!

Hari Om Tat Sat Sat

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