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Welcome to the yoga and vedanta centre

In the heart of green and bucolic Brittany, the estate is located at the edge of the woods.

You will find a sanctuary of peace, meditation and self-discovery through the practices and teachings of Sama Yoga, Vedanta, in the Arsha Vidya lineage.

What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat is both a physical and spiritual experience that allows you to cut yourself off from your daily routine for a period of time (2-4 days) to practice the Sama Yoga and Vedanta teachings in a more profound way in a relaxing setting.

The benefits of yoga retreats?

After a yoga retreat, you will regain energy, vitality and an energetic reset that occurs thanks to the different yoga practices, relaxation times and the Ayurvedic diet.
This true journey of self-discovery allows you to adopt new habits: reconnect with yourself, recharge your batteries, deepen your yoga practice, eat better, give yourself time for yourself and breathe better.
Simply a transformative experience bathed in Vedic teachings and this idyllic location!

Why try immersion?

Our yoga retreats are held in peaceful and enchanting environments between lakes, ponds and the beautiful forest that is home to this peaceful place. During this immersion, you will also meet friends who share a common interest and passion forming a real group dynamic.
Our values, our sincere commitment, welcomes you to this privileged and consecrated place with its permaculture approach and its energy autonomy. We take you to a universe where all conditions are met to let go by connecting with the elements of nature, listening to the birds singing and observing the stars.

In short, to go on a yoga retreat is to enjoy a space of caring, relaxation, sharing and joy. You will live a transformative experience not only linked to a practice on a mat but real advice and a sharing of know-how to integrate it durably in your daily life. You will carry this state of presence into your relationships, your work, your activities and especially into yourself.

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