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These crackers are a delight!

We serve them at Yoga and Vedanta retreats and workshops, women's circles and Teacher Training!!! 

So under your numerous requests here is the recipe!

Thank you Ivan for your delicious crackers this week at the "Relaxing Time together!"

Ingredients (for about 20 crackers):

- 200g of gluten-free flour (corn, chickpeas, rice, buckwheat, etc.)
- 150g of seeds of your choice (sunflower, squash, amaranth, poppy, linseed, etc.)
- 50 gr of olive oil
- Herbs, rosemary, thyme, cumin seed ...
- A few ml of water to obtain a homogeneous and firm paste
- salt


Mix the flours

Add 150gr of desired seeds (sunflower, squash, etc..) and salt

Add fresh rosemary or thyme or other herbs or spices

Add the oil and water to the mixture a little at a time to achieve a sufficiently bound consistency (not too sandy) but not too soft either (pie crust style)

Taste to check the seasoning

Roll out very thinly between 2 sheets of baking paper using a rolling pin

Remove the top sheet, pre-cut (just marking the dough) with a knife into a square or rectangle the size of the crackers you want 

The secret: add a few grains of coarse salt before baking!

Bake between 160 and 180°C, removing the paper from the top, and check for doneness.

160° allows a crunchy and slow colouring without the risk of an overcooked edge

180° allows a faster cooking and possibly homogeneous on the coloring according to your oven.


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