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Orange Juice from Day 3!


When fasting, it is important to vary the types of Juice you drink, if you have chosen to include them in your Fasting.

Here is an Orange Juice which comes at the same time to bring energy with the citrus fruits, detoxify the digestive system with the CURCUMA which inhibits the multiplication of a bacterium responsible for ulcer, Helicobacter pylori. This antibacterial effect is amplified by its immunostimulant and antioxidant properties.

Apples and carrots come to basify the ground. Beta-carotene slows down ageing and improves the condition of the skin. Rich in antioxidants, carrots reduce bad cholesterol! While Borage has emollient, softening, depurative, sudorific and diuretic properties . It's good all that!

The Ingredients

  • 1 large, juicy, ripe orange
  • 5 small carrots bunch young
  • 1 nice firm apple
  • 2 small turmeric fingers (or 1 if you have very long fingers!)
  • 5 borage flowers


Pass the whole thing through the extractor, finishing with the orange. I recommend the Omega Extractor.

It's delicious! Get ready to sweat a little with this juice on this 3rd day of Detox, that's what we want, as well as keep the heat inside.


Good Tapas to all the Yogis!

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