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1- Pila Malayé Tradition

 "You told me that the birds give their lives to heal, and since everything is connected in this infinitely Large Universe, and without limit of time or space, I want this feather to be the symbol of this Union, to be your Hand and the Hand of the spirits, to be your Light and to be beyond that also, the Healing for Universal Love." Purdey (Sweet Bear)

The Pila Malayé ritual proposes to Women to go to the Sea and to Men to go to the Stones at the Winter Solstice (and the Reverse at the Summer Solstice). With Sage as the Medicine Plant and the White Buffalo as the Animal of Power, you can go near the Waves or Menhirs and offer the Sage Smoke, the ancient memories of what you are ready to entrust to the Great Spirit, wrapping yourself in its Smoke. Then you will call by The Power of the White Buffalo, (you will visualize him, you will feel his strength, his smells and his power), the force of Peace that he came to witness on Earth and to Men by pronouncing this prayer: "O MITAKUYE OYASIN".

"We Lakota believe that everything created by God is sacred and as part of Creation we are also "connected". Each time we pray, we end our prayers with the words "MITAKUYE OYASIN" (We are all connected). With this little phrase, we pray for all things." Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer.

"Thanks to Smiling Bear Heart who introduced me to the Malaysian Pila tradition and Shamanic Vision Opening in the year 2004." Audrey-Anandi
2 - Tradition of Jeshua

The name Jeshoua comes from the ancient Hebrew form and the verb "to save". This ritual is inscribed in a heart free of any religious form since it comes from a direct channel of light, from her Sacred Golden Heart of unconditional compassion. In the midst of thousands of glances of love mixed with those of hatred; he showed an unconditional equanimity, an unshakeable Love without even a Haï! for all those whom he called his children, those who in their suffering, were able to transpose, to transfer their own fears of Being mortal on him who could only love them and heal them with his Love. 

The ritual at Jeshoua: When you are near the tree, you will connect to your Infinite Heart of Love, he calls it the Sacred Golden Heart. This space is unlimited, it is like Guha in the Vedic Tradition, the cave of the Heart of infinite compassion, the one who loves in ease as well as in adversity. You will be able to present a candle accompanied by a white flower and give back to the ray of the Heart of Jeshoua, all that has not been Love and that can be entrusted and deposited there. Let the power of your infinite nature, through the flower, heal and love you. Place the Flower at the foot of the tree, the candle in your living room and let the Magic of Christmas work its magic: that of being born again, again and again...

Once again the Avatars love, mingle and meet. They all belong to the altar of a Heart of Unlimited Tolerance and Knowledge, the same Pantheon: Jnanam.

"Thanks to my Masters who taught me the knowledge of non-division: Advaita Vedanta: The Art of Non-Duality. Thank you to Maïa Sacred Land for the mirror that she allowed in my reading of this message of Love on this Christmas Eve full of meaning and awareness". Audrey-Anandi

3- Druidic Tradition

The ancestral custom is that during this night, we connect to the soul of the tree with a piece of wood collected, you will need a candle, a branch collected in consciousness.

The Yule Ritual: When you leave in search of your stick, take a time to let your roots go down into the ground, anchor yourself symbolically. Then ask to be guided to your stick, let your senses make the decisions. Take a moment to connect to the elements, take a candle and call Fire. Humbly ask it to accompany you through the winter. This season initiates us to the stripping down and brings us back to the essentials. Let the answers come and at the right moment, take your stick and give your request for healing to the spirit of the tree.
Blow on it as many times as you need. Let the breath fill with what needs to be deposited. Before the next new moon (December 26th), give your branch back to the Earth with thanks. Then let the healing breath do its work ...

Yule is the English form used to designate the winter solstice period among the Scandinavian and British peoples related to the power of cosmic cycles.

"Thanks to Aude & all my friends with whom I share this enthusiasm in celebrating passages in the Heart of unconditional support." Audrey-Anandi



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