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At everyone's request,

This is the first cycle of the "COLLECTIVE AKASHIC HEALING CIRCULES" -



Together, we will let the Collective project of the deep being that matures in each soul come and before we are there, we never know what will happen !!!

As we cross the fertile valleys, we reach the mature spaces that allow us to access and serve our Collective Prarabdha Karma (the true collective script). Akasha contains everything.

We will be together for 2H30, maximum 12 people, by Zoom, of which you will receive the link when you register.

2 Healing Circles will be held on the themes of SAFETY & FREEDOM. 


Abhayam is the absence of fears, deep security: Where does it fit in these times of rewriting the collective script? What are the conditions for our deep security? 

How can we accept these conditions when they come from an external authority, human or Divine?

How to identify insecurities or fears and understand that they are a dynamic Energy, to transform them into powerful and humble creative action?


In the Vedic tradition, we enter deeply into this subject, then alternating between Akashic meditation and chants of Sacred Mantras, the plunge into the Being and the intention for the Self, the World and Ishwara*.


Moksha is the state of unconditional freedom, free from dependence on enslaving desires and pleasures. Obviously, Kama: Pleasures/desires are a prosperous creative energy, Krishna, but they remain positive as long as they do not condition our Happiness.


We will therefore welcome in the greatest objectivity, the elements that may still be unidentified that still hold you in dependencies and thus create repetitive loops and illusory patterns of limitations, to entrust them to Ishwara, the infinite giver, the Universal Omniscient Order, and allow you to plunge into the natural manifestation of your Siddhi, your superpowers.


*Ishwara: the infinit universal order


This cycle is open to all those who have chosen the following values: 

Commitment, listening to each sharing, disposition to compassion and support through loving gaze, posture of non-comparison and non-competition, abandonment and Joy, Ananda: Joy without Reason.

Om Anandi

I'm honored! During the session, we will let the project of the deep being that matures in each soul come and before we get there, we never know what will happen !!!

As we cross the valleys, we reach the mature spaces that allow us to access and serve our Prarabdha (the true individual script). Akasha contains everything.

By appointment, online by web conference, or in person at the office when possible, the session of Akashic Care opens the listening to your needs and its answers. Whether it is physical, relational or emotional, we welcome this "Project of the Deep Being" in meditation, the one that is part of Prarabdha Karma, in the different areas of your life for :

  • Freeing limiting old cellular memories
  • Restoring the understanding of our unlimited Being: Purnat
  • Activating full health, full potential: Purnamidam

According to Vedanta, your Nature is omniscient now, unlimited and unconditional in revealing its primordial essence of full health and potential. We reveal and allow this fundamental to express itself in all layers of your Being and Life.


We can organize a ZOOM session together, needing to know where you are, for jet lag. Paypal payment 48h.


The appointment can be made by email:


"I am Honored! During the session, we will let come the profond being Project wich is matured within each soul and before we are there, we never know what's gonna come !!! Crossing vales, we reach the mature spaces that allow us to access and serve our Prarabdha ( the individual true script). Akasha containes it all. We can settle a skype session together, needing to know where you are, for the jet lag. Paypal payment 48h.


"Good health means keeping a luminous dialogue with your body, your Heart and all your loved ones around"

Anandi, Audrey Fiorini. Professor of Yoga and Naturopathic HPG.

In other words, we go through Biological Decoding, Cellular Reprogramming.
Symptom = Project!
Problem = Challenge!
Emotion = Movement = Expansion!

Anandi - is a Naturopath (HPG) with a specialty in Psychonomy (parallel branch of Micro-kinesitherapy) and Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese medicine) since 2002. The Himalayan shamanic initiations there and the Amerindian ones have opened up a free vision of time and space.

The Karmic plans are therefore open, so that access to information is as wide as possible; these are the Akashic Readings.

In a 1h30 "one to one" session: 90€ in the office, for France, or by Skype 110 € (price per country) worldwide.

The follow-up is done over 10 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart, it is a commitment for your being, the seat of the Self! Process 10 sessions: 850€


"May your seconds be pearls of joy, so that your day may be the Mala"



After a flowery ritual, intended for transformation, the Balinese ritual, very precise, physical and deep begins! Be ready to move on to other worlds with Ivan Indra, initiated by Balinese healers. 

65€/hour; 10H card: 600€

With Aude, Osteopath and Physiotherapist, Divandha practitioner, you will be welcomed at the Sagara Vidya Centre or in his office in the heart of nature. Under his expert hands and his vision beyond the visible, it is your whole being that will be heard and pampered.

A complete treatment that will let the osteo protocol express itself as the precise vision of what your deepEST BEING expects most truly.

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