Yoga School Bretagne

The New Vidya Tirtham Vedic Centre

Welcome to the Coat Cren Vedic Centre

In the heart of green and bucolic Brittany, the estate is located at the edge of the woods.

You will find a sanctuary of peace, meditation and self-discovery through the practices and teachings of Sama Yoga, Vedanta, in the Arsha Vidya lineage.

From the magnificent forests flow the springs that supply the whole estate with fresh water from which the ponds, the sunken paths, the hares and the deer, which you will meet at the bend of a walk or a horse ride!

You will be welcomed at the Centre for your retreats and trainings, internships and immersions, from February to November.

From Heart meditations: Hridayam, at sunrise, to evening Satsang, your days will be lulled by nature and the most authentic practices.

5 Themes for Awakening, Resourcing and Wellness Retreats

  • Yoga and Vedanta Retreat
  • Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat
  • Yoga and Detox Retreat
  • Yoga and Animal Encounter Retreat
  • Meditation and Nature Retreat
  • Over 2 to 20 days

2 Professional training courses leading to certification:

"My heart is ready for this place of healing, of teaching and the arrival of this jewel box is like an offering, after a unique initiatory journey that I would be happy to share with you. By its simple story, it reminds us of the magic and constant perfection of life, behind the appearances, Upaadi, sometimes chaotic. »

Audrey Anandi

We thank this Great Order for supporting the transmission of Yoga and Veda, offering this domain as a blossoming heart: Prasadam.

Full health kitchens are entirely vegetarian, organic and gluten-free.

They take their inspiration from Ayurveda, raw food, superfoods, flowers...and Love.

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