Yoga School Bretagne
Yoga School Bretagne


"May our gaze be the gaze of Felicity."


"May our heart be the heart of infinite compassion."

Dear students, Yoga School staff and teachers and passengers of the Sagara Vidya Centre,

We are living in an unprecedented period of change and transformation of our thoughts and our ways of relating, in view of the current situation of COVID-19.

But this period has many facets. Some very beautiful gifts are also brought to us: nature has not been so happy for decades, time is finally aligning itself with our biology, masks are falling, humans are purifying themselves, everything can be rethought and the old world can retreat.

The Yoga School Brittany team met to discuss our position as a community. 

It is our intention to support the overall healing process as much as possible by following all government instructions and responding to your individual needs as generously as possible. We also intend to offer a helping hand by doing what we are qualified to do: by continuing to offer you opportunities to heal, to be present, to open our hearts in confidence and to join forces as a community.


So we do it through:

- Live ONLINE courses every day, the

- Akashic Individual Care Online,

-Divandha Practitioner Training

- the Collective Online Healing Meditation cycles,

- Women's Circles,

- audio, video and Podcasts in creation.

We invite you to suggest other mediums of support.

We will keep this page on our website updated, on a regular basis, in accordance with any changes in circumstances and in accordance with government instructions.

Please wear a mask when you arrive at the school, you will take it off on your carpet and essential oil gel is at the entrance of the centre.


Here is a list of resources to keep your mind balanced and your body nourished:

Mooji: "A simple, powerfull prayer in challenging times

Nassim Haramein: The Unified Field will transform our world

Amma donates €1.56 million for COVID aid

Practices proposed by Amma for the community in France


We're here for you,

The Yoga School Brittany team 

Please note that the following information was updated on November 1, 2020

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