From Friday 16 to Sunday 21 October

Training: YTT

Yoga Teacher Training

"Sama Yoga & Vedanta" - Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Training

200 hours - Departure October 2020

Training sheet for yoga teachers

Training Objective

Pedagogical objective(s)

  • Train Yoga Teachers
  • Master the professional techniques of yoga 
  • To acquire the Anatomy and Physiology skills related to the practice of Yoga. 
  • To acquire the basics of the Pedagogical animation of a course.
  • Know the legislation related to Professional Installation and Business Creation

Pedagogical method(s)

Evaluation methods

  • Theoretical and practical contributions
  • A practical exam at the end of the training
  • Pedagogical situation, preparation of a thesis

The programme of the training action is as follows:

Unit 1: Professional techniques

Unit 2: Anatomy and Physiology 

Unit 3: Pedagogy 

Unit 4: Professional installation Legislation

2 modules of 10 days in total immersion!

200-hour certification training

  • Departure First Module: Friday 16 to Sunday 25 October 2020, 10 days of Total Immersion
  • Second Module: Friday 19th to Sunday 28th February 2021, 10 days of Total Immersion 

Detailof the Program

To live a consecrated, sacred life, revealed to our own Peace, which is effortlessly shared around us as our breath, as natural as the first breath of the infant.

The training follow-up between the two modules is done by a monthly meeting in web conference and work in small groups of three students every week, face-to-face for those who can, or in distance learning for those who live far from Brittany. 

This training is reserved for committed people with a pure heart. It is intensive although very gentle and the commitment is deep.

The Basics of an Alert Student: Yogi - Sishya

The basics for learning a student in Yoga and Vedanta

  • Viveka & Vairagya... or the first 4 core qualities of the "Yoga & Vedanta" study
  • Asanas and Simple Pranayama: Postures and Breaths in the Lineage of Sama Yoga 
  • The Grahasta: We as householders, men and women engaged in Western life, fathers and mothers of families
  • Sat Cit Ananda: "Our existence of Happiness without reason as True Nature"
  • Shat Aris: 6 Enemies of the Mind (Kama Desire - Krodha Anger - Lobha Greed/Avarice - Mada Pride/Vanity- Moha Attachment - Matsarya Jealousy
  • Developing value for Puja

Mantras: Annap-re - food prayer, Mah-Metyu-jaya Mantra,

Meditation: Prayer: Prayer of simple and deep serenity to use:

"Oh Ovara, grant me the serenity to graciously accept all that I cannot change.

Give me the will and the effort, the courage to change what I can change. Give me the wisdom to know the difference between what I can't change and what I can change. Swami Dayananda

  • Satsang teaching: basis of the healthy living manual, study of the first values "Values of values".
  • Initiation to Tattvabodha (reference book in Vedanta's understanding.
  • First concept of teaching, conscious guidance to the student of postural corrections and listening to the "child student".

"We realize ourselves through relaxation, in comfort with the other and without the other, gained in the form of Grace, by Jnanam the knowledge of the Self, in the deep understanding that there is no Me, there is no You, there is only Ishwara , the One, full and complete: Purnama - Achievement"

The Call for a Life of Divine Freedom: Moksha

  • Pancha Maha Yagna: 5 Sacred Duties
  • 4 Purusharta: 4 commitments
  • Pancha Kosha: The 5 sails at Vivekam, discernment, Free from Kosha: Mumukshutvam 
  • Simple asanas 
  • Developing value for Puja
  • Satsang teaching: study of values of values (11 last values).
  • Deepening of the Tattvabodha (reference book in vedanta's understanding): the purpose of life for a Yogi: Moksha.
  • Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Elaboration of a session, discovery of a pedagogical sheet
  • Autonomy towards teaching, conducting a session, conscious conduct of a group, refining postural corrections.
  • Installing: legal and economic structures and forms


"We realize ourselves through relaxation, in comfort with the other and without the other, gained in the form of Grace, by Jnanam the knowledge of the Self, in the deep understanding that there is no Me, there is no You, there is only Ishwara , the One, full and complete: Purnama - Achievement"


 Ishwaraïser My Life: A Life of Consecration

100 hours in Bali

25 April to 6 May 2021


Rates M1 & M2 :

$2650, payable in 1 to 3 times without charge (example: 3 x 883 ) before training.

Rates M1 - M2 - M3:

Tariff to come depending on the location in Bali (M3 optional in Bali Easter from 25 April to 6 May 2021).)


Deposit: 30% of the total cost of your training (non-refundable) to ensure your place. Full payment must be received 1.5 months before the start of the Training. If necessary, we can establish a payment plan, please contact us for this option.

* prices do not include food and lodging 

You will be qualified Yoga Alliance 200hr + 100hr

Max 12 participants per module.


This course is rooted in the Vedic tradition and is supported by traditional teachers. We spend a good time in an exquisite setting, while remaining focused on acquiring knowledge of yoga and Vedanta as a way of life, accepting ourselves as we are and seeing inner and outer harmony in and through all of life's postures. You will see positive transformations in yourself and meet new friends who share the same values and interests and who can support you throughout your life with yoga.


Your teachers

Audrey FioriniYoga
School Brittany


06 51 89 50 27

Ivan HoussayYoga
School Brittany


06 51 89 50 27

+ Health professionals

A Doctor, a Kinesitherapist and an Osteopath intervene on Anatomy and Physiology, applied to Yoga.

Yoga School Bretagne

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