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Have you ever wondered what you're doing here?!

Of your true nature as a man, as a woman?

About how you were going to contribute to this world?!!

If YES, then you have entered VICHAARA: "Discriminative Enquiry": The Discerning and Objective Inquiry into the Nature of the Self: from Aatmaa.


Traditionally, in the study of Vedanta, you will be guided by a Sampradaayavit: a traditional teacher, who unlocks the words of the upanishads and reveals the implicit measure of the sacred texts. This discovery with our mentors quietly leads us on the path of our noble Leader.


It is therefore through this study of the sacred verb collected Vichaara and offered in the Sruti (Upanishads, Gita, Mahaabharata, Tattwabodha ....) that we conduct with confidence and determination this "Self Enquiry", this discerning and objective questioning about the true nature of the Self: Aham Satyam.

It offers us the understanding of the difference with what is only subjective reality: Jagat Mithyaa, that fleeting and individual illusion.


All our Life, we go from Jagat Mithyaa, the individual subjective (this is good, this is not good ...), to the clear knowledge of Aham Satyam ("In my perception, this is good," ....).


Then look at your thoughts, they become your words,

Look at your words, they become your action,

Look at your actions, they become your habit,

Look at your habits, they become your character,

Look at your character, it becomes your destiny.

As you grow in the Self, you Become.


Be that leader for yourself, the one who takes 100% responsibility for everything you think, say, and do and Vichaara will offer all those fruits, visible and invisible !!!


Every day I can reach out my hand to the invisible, which is becoming visible through Vichaara this unknown factor of grace, through studies, prayers and offerings.


It is a beautiful act of expression of our gratitude to always learn, to find our way as a Leader for ourselves and to share the infinite blessings with the World! 

That's what's available to us in 5 days !!!! With the start of Module 2 of the teacher training "Sama Yoga & Vedanta "!!


Follow us during these 10 days, we'll be posting lots of Photos and videos on Insta and Facebook! 


With Love and Grace!!

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