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DECEMBER: The Decision-Making Force: NISHCAYA!

"If you want something in your life that you have never had, you will have to DECIDE on something that you have never chosen before and DECIDE. Anandi

Indeed, so often the students say to me: "I know, I understand, but I'm having trouble putting it in place! ».

Then Vedanta comes to tell you: "You have three crucial steps to live, manifest and see the birth of what you wish".

The values you believe in and the apparent forms, Upaadhih, of what you wish to live depend on 3 keys, 3 steps:

These three KEYS, steps are :

1- Nishcaya - The Decision

2- Sankalpa - The intention

3- Abhyaasa - Putting it into Action.


In this article we will focus on the first NISHCAYA.

Every visible form has its source in the mind. Think for example of an architecture such as a Haussmannian building, a Temple or a School. Before being erected of stone, earth and glass, the idea of constructing the building in its proportions, its materials, its function, was born in the mind of a human, of a group of humans.

Everything that we have created of this world was first created in the mind, be it the most beautiful wonders or the worst horrors. We then understand the importance of Satwa: the consciousness that is at the origin of a DECISION, itself at the origin of Action.

The decision is full of Joy and enthusiasm, is very powerful, focused on the goal, without being attached to it, powerfully you move forward in your voice.

It is a Yang principle, both subtle and earthly manifest.

A little exercise for You:

You can from today, integrate in your meditation, in your contemplation: NISHCAYA.

Your Meditation - Close Your Eyes: Embrace the value of the Decision, understand how it will determine the direction of energy towards the next two steps: the Sankalpa who will download the Decision of Intent, and then Abhyaasa, who will put into Action the Decision and the Value it carries.

Welcome a decision, important for you, let it be defined, take time to clarify, perhaps you go through the images, through the words you hear, through sentences you see written before your eyes closed, whatever the organ of meaning involved, let the decision be clarified and seal it. That's it, the relationship with Nishcaya is being put in place.

This is a crucial moment, like a new habit, a new learning, like 1 & 1 make 2, for the rest of our lives.

Beautiful practice, daily, decided, committed, without compromise.


Om Durgayai Namaha

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