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Yoga School Bretagne

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New : On Saturday, February 01st, a Workshop which will make you discover the Kriyas Pranayama ! 

From 9:30 to 12:00 at the Yoga School Brittany.


"We are used to washing ourselves, to washing the outside of our physical body, every day. 


What about cleansing the inside of the physical body and the mental body: Manomaya Kosha? Don't you change the oil in your car? Don't you change the filters?


Is our mind so clean, renewed, cleansed on a daily basis that it is clear, limpid and fragrant?


In the western illusion, we believe that hoarding (daily meals, salaries, bonuses...) is enough to keep a physical and mental tool clean! What ignorance! This is the root of our suffering!


So we need an "Ignorance Ectomy"! A big clean one! The KRIYAS!!! 


The Kriyas are a set of practices and techniques for cleaning, purifying and renewing our organs, filters and tissues, like a rejuvenation cure, which recycles and rejuvenates all our tissues!


We will practice: 

- Jala Neti (release of excess ama (mucus), sinus cleansing)

- Kapalabhati

- Bhastrika

- We will make one of the greatest detox recipes: Jamu Jamu made with turmeric (the most powerful antioxidant, booster of the immune system and balancing the intestinal flora). 



So let's get this spring's Super Spring Cleaning going! It's gonna be a lot of fun! Be ready to unclog the pipes ;-)

It's gonna be FUN!!!!! “


35 € (60 € Couple)
45 € (non-members) 




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